Remove materialistic people from your life! I know several materialistic people. It's kind of sad that material things rule their life. My car is faster, my house is bigger, my boat is better. Always trying to out-do the other person. I picture that life like being on a hamster wheel. You can never catch up. Cause unless you're Bill Gates, it's futile.

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oh just makes you sound like a conceited bitch...pretty sure I was next to the queen of conceit in the dressing room!

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I feel sorry for you....because he will see it and soon the "pattern" of relationships not working out will come down to one factor. You!

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Lol people need to stop being conceited cocky little shits. Nobody wants to be your stanky face! Haha

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Funny Friday collection – Funny pics to set the mood | PMSLweb

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god i hate fakes, i wish they would vanish off the face off the earth , then only trust worthy true people will be left that you can be a bestfriend with and the best thing is they wont hurt you

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conceited quotes | To attempt to advise conceited people is like whistling against the ...

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