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Conceptual fashion outfits

Paris Fashion Week doesn't need to worry: Designers in Berlin send models down the catwalk in freaky florals and gas masks

Barely there: Some models donned gas masks made out of, what looked like, scraps of napkins in revealing dresses

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Lea Peckre for JP Gaultier | Tumblr: again, there's the shades of grey, the intentional veiling and unveiling, and as an added bonus, it looks like a spider's web. Perfect for Linnea.

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I'm like a bird.... Fashion meets art - sculptural, conceptual fashion design, Nimurad “Elemental"

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Qiu Hao’s Fashion Designs

qiu hao via "Don’t ask me about inspiration… image is a simple way of saying complicated things.” These are the first words you read on designer Qiu Hao‘s site, which, as it turns out is a beautifully stark presentation of the Chinese designer’s conceptual clothing line.

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Sculptural Fashion - conceptual fashion design - beautiful & poisonous industrial smoke, sculpted from woven metal gauze to create amazing 3D "wearable smoke” // “Refinery Smoke,” Iris van Herpen

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Google Afbeeldingen resultaat voor

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I love conceptual fashion, it mixes elements and show visual elements, showing the concept of sculptures, inspired by sculptures. I love this image that uses lot of white including the background, when it comes to colors sometimes using one colour doesn't always work, but this conceptual image its actually works which its cool!.........also love the expression of this model face

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By Kunihiko Morinaga, the Japanese conceptual designer behind the label Anrealage

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41 Most Amazing 3D Textiles

This is a good example of LINES. The lines in this outfit create boxes that change shape and width, creating movement within. Your eyes are automatically drawn to the lines in this piece, almost more so than to the 3-D shape. The lines in this create depth throughout the top.

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Sculptural Fashion - pleated dress with 3D silhouette; futuristic fashion; wearable art // Kamila Gawronska Kasperska

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