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from Bob Vila

Concrete Repair - Give Your Concrete a New Look

Give Your Worn-Out Concrete a Brand-New Look. Occasionally, concrete needs repair, particularly after years of hard use or weather exposure. Fortunately, now the average handy homeowner can handle those fixes himself, saving the cost of a contractor, thanks to advanced concrete repair products like #CementAll and #NewCrete. Learn how by reading this article.


Epoxy Repair Mortar. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to permanently fix damaged or worn concrete with our bestselling repair mortar. Epoxy Repair Mortar was originally developed for industry, but is now available in a version specifically designed for use in the domestic arena. If ordinary cement mortars have failed, then this is the one to choose.


Of the numerous concrete crack repair products available, this one really works.This driveway caulk is like a permanent

Broken Slab Concrete Foundation - Top n Bond Solution. Use masking tape.


Quikrete #862013 5.5 Oz Concrete Repair - Wall Surface Repair Products - AmazonSmile

Concrete Ceiling Repair Advice - The prepackaged concrete repair products we used were specified to contain "built-in" bonding agents in the form of powdered polymers, so the only thing needed after sand-blasting and air-drying (with oil-free compressed air) was to baptize the surface with potable water using a mason's brush. It's best for it to be SSD (saturated surface dry), meaning the parent concrete has enough moisture in it to minimize any withdrawal of water from the repair concrete.

SIDER-OXYDRO, INC. - Hard-Coat Cement Colored Stucco, Roll-On Pool Replaster & Pool Deck Coatings, and Concrete Repair Products


First off, self-levelling compound is a latex based cementitious product that provides a thin, smooth overlay when applied over rough concrete slabs or uneven floors