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"It is pride which causes us to remain hardened in our sins and makes it so difficult for us to confess them. If we were humble we could not remain in our sins, nor should we be afraid to go to confession. Let us ask God, dear brethren, to grant us humility, so that we may fear sin and have recourse to the Sacrament of Penance if we have committed sin." ~St. John Vianney


How can you make confession a regular part of your times with the Lord? Find out in my post - How to Create a Personal Prayer Notebook - The Healthy Happy Woman

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Anne of Brittany – 7 years of bad luck

1492 - 1495 - Anne de Bretagne at Confession <-- You're welcome to read more about Anne of Brittany on my blog :).

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Confession Prayers for Children Mini Paperback Booklet

#Confession #Prayers for #Children Mini Paperback Booklet #book #vintage #gotvintage

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Prayer Journal | Floral

This is a spiral bound journal with brass coils. Each daily section is a two page spread. There are sections to write out praise, confession, prayers for yourself, prayer requests on your heart, and a

Catholic Wedding Ceremony, Blessing, Confession, Prayer, Communion,

What Makes Us Whole? #fmf - What makes you feel whole? Confession, prayer, Eucharist? -read more-


A Guide for Confession - Prayers - Catholic Online


Ages 4 - 8: "I Can Learn to Pray by Holly Hawkins Shivers is a much needed book for parents to help teach children the importance of prayer, and how to pray. Through simple examples of prayers, children will learn not only the importance of prayer but also how to pray---to praise, confess, prayer for others, ask for help, and express gratitude. Stories about how God works through our prayers show children the power, comfort, and love they can feel through prayer.