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In this video I teach you how to take a glaze recipe from a book or magazine and make a test batch of glaze from it. The video is a tad over 20 minutes long and is a large file size, so it will take a few minutes to load depending on your internet connection speed.

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Top Connection Speed Tests

Top Connection Speed Tests:

How to test your home Internet connection speed | TechHive. Are you really getting all the speed your ISP says you are? Try out a host of internet connection speed tests here.


Best Websites to check the broadband Internet speed We use internet every day and it has become an integral part of our life. Speed of Internet fluctuates every time but sometime it is too low. Sometimes when we open any webpage and it takes a lot of time to open then we just assume that our internet connection is slow but it may not be the fact. So in order to check whether your internet connection is slow or whether the website (which you are working on) is not responding you need some…

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How to Test and Increase Your Internet Speed

How to get more out of your home Internet access by testing and tweaking Internet connection settings.


Internet speed test works on any Device any Broadband connection. True Cross-Platform Broadband Internet Speed test App. Works on iPad, iPhone, Android etc.


Ankle PreHab Speed and Agility both rely on the Ankles! So, if you're out playing some tennis, soccer, basketball, running or just even doing some serious weightlifting, put some love into your training program with this Ankle PreHab routine. Start with some soft tissue therapy on both the foot and the calf, if not the entire body. Next, work to improve your mobility and increase the Range of Motion of the foot and ankle with these PNF stretches and exercises. Then fire up your neuromuscular…