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Turkic warriors guarding the Doors of Tamerlane. Tamerlane, anglicized form of Timur-i-Lang ('Lame Timur' or 'Timur the Lame') (1336-1404), was a Turkic conqueror, born in Kash near Samarkand. He waged several devastating wars, conquering Persia (1392-96) and northern India (1398), and defeating the Ottomans and the Mamlukes (1402)

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A former pro skater is designing a custom house that is completely skateable

Mansa Musa(King of Kings) A 12th Century King was so charitable that he destroyed the value of gold, single handedly.


This is Invicta, the white horse of Kent. As a symbol it dates back to the Jutish kings of Kent in the 6th century. The armies of Hengist and Horsa are believed to have carried this on their banner when they landed on these shores in 450. It lives on in the logo of the county council and in numerous images and statues around the county. As an exiled Mancunian I'm fond of Invicta, it means "Undefeated", because it's a proud symbol of a particular area and it has a long and distiguished…


William - The Conqueror (The King of England) = Lion / Mouth / Speaking / Charismatic Leader Arthur - King Arthur Pendragon (Celtic Tribe) = Bear / Feet / Strength / Ressurrection-Spirit Philip - Alexander (aka Philip) the Great (Greece) = Leopard / Body / Conquering / Youth Stuart/Windsor - (married into Stuart line) Unicorn = Little Horn / Human Eyes / Man Windsor-Wales - (Welsh/Druids) Celtic Prince = Red Dragon / Satanic / Possession

The Meaning of “Mora”, the Flagship Matilda of Flanders Gave William the Conqueror ~ a guest post by Elisabeth Waugaman « The Freelance History Writer

This powerful medicinal substance has been utilized by East Indian’s for thousands of years. It’s name in Sanskrit means “conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness.” It is found in the Himalayas and as far North as Russia. This substance, called shilajit, is an “exudate” that oozes out of the cracks of Himalayan rocks and …

At Christmas, 1085, whilst staying at Goucester, William the Conqueror decided to conduct a far ranging survey of his kingdom, its boroughs and manors, for tax purposes, becoming known as the Domesday Book, from the Old English dom, meaning reckoning, due to the exacting and invasive nature of its questions, the survey was completed in 1086.


Dear Jesus i'am tired of feeling that my life is meaningless - Dear Jesus iam tired of feeling that my life is meaningless and that I do not matter to anyone iam lonely please forgive me of my sin and bring meaning and fulfillment into my life I surrender my heart to you and ask that you take control of my life now praise the lord thank you Jesus hallelujah amen pray for GLENDA lonelyness and pray that GLENDA and GUY to get back together for there decease son sake DEANDRE Christ is holding…