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Doing a Spy Academy week this summer for the kids, this has TONS of great activities and resources!

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Mass. City Health Czar Unilaterally Banned Selling Nicotine To Anyone Under 21's especially frustrating when the traffic control dude in the orange vest sets his walkie-talkie down next to the sign so he can walk over to rifle through his igloo lunch box!

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Wardenclyffe Tower, Tesla's Idea about electrical control of rain falls. From the book "Tesla" by Dr. Branimir Jovanovic.

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This is an incomplete list. The Clintons are connected to 60 mysterious deaths or suicides ("Arkancides"). 3 since June 2016 related to the DNC leak. Some of these suicides were shot TWICE in the BACK of the head. How does one do that?? FBI Director Comey, Pagliano, Loretta Lynch, & Bernie Sanders all know what Hillary's capable of doing. That's why she wasn't charged, and why Pagliano refused to testify despite having immunity. Bill meeting Loretta Lynch was no coincidence either.

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Credit Card scammers stole from nearly 100,000 Michaels Customers A man and a woman have been charged in a large-scale conspiracy to steal information from nearly 100,000 credit and debit cards from customers at 80 Michaels Stores in 19 states.Fraud is an intentional act in which a person deceives other for personal gain. Read more..... #Theftandrobbery #Theftandrobberyoffensejerseycity

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How Much to Charge For Cupcakes | How to price your cupcakes with confidence and make {more} profits in 60 days! |

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FBI arrests Volkswagen executive on fraud conspiracy charges