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The Many Beneficial Types of Ayurveda Massage

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PTSD & Headaches

It is not entirely clear why people with PTSD may be more likely to experience problems with headaches. However, stress has been linked to the occurrence of headaches, and the symptoms of PTSD can definitely contribute to very high levels of stress and emotional strain.

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How to use Echinacea: Immune system stimulent and strep throat remedy

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More than a headache, it's a "life-ache"

Those with migraine know that it's so much more than "just a headache." Migraine can impact all aspects of life.

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I have told my docs this for years... and they still look at me like it's the first time they're heard it... ugh!

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Massage This Point For 45 Seconds And Forget About The Constant Headaches

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