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Contemporary Watering And Irrigation

Self-Watering Square Tall Tapered Planter- Modern Smooth Surface 30" - Red - Improvements by Improvements,


California is in a severe drought, so all of the irrigation is buried underground and nothing is exposed, so that the water seeps into the plant life from underneath, rather than evaporating. This minimizes the amount of water loss and water use in the landscaping of the mid-century modern home.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation designed by NBBJ - "Offices for the 21st Century" Water conservation * A one-million-gallon rainwater storage tank underneath the campus * The two-acres of living roofs absorb a significant amount of the rainwater runoff * cleaned of pollutants and filtered back into the campus for reflecting pools, irrigation and toilets. These systems, reduced the campus’ potable water use by nearly 80 percent and eliminated all polluted rainwater runoff.


House in a Warehouse: Splinter Society Architecture Turns Old Warehouse Into Garden Oasis Home in Melbourne

A solar heater provides hot water for the home, while rainwater is collected and stored in tanks for irrigation use.

.Ultimately, Patanjali speaks of change in ourselves occurring indirectly. He describes what needs to happen as being like a farmer who simply opens a gate in his irrigation system to let water flow. We do not bring the water where it needs to go, nor even command it to go there. Through the practice of yoga, somehow an obstacle is removed and the water is allowed to flow.


Radical History Review - Special Issue 116 - Water - The contributors to this issue examine the historical processes that shape contemporary water issues. They focus on how state-sponsored water programs, from sewage treatment to irrigation to damming, radically transform local communities


If you're going to have a lawn, sub-surface drip irrigation using Netafim is an excellent way of saving water. Since you lose no water to evaporation, you use only the water you need to irrigate your lawn. Design by Aesthetic Gardens in Mountain View, CA.

This cedar-clad home in New Zealand has no access to a water supply, but the roof was designed to collect the island’s rainfall and store it in an underground tank for drinking and washing. Another tank stores treated wastewater for site irrigation.