A good anchor chart that reminds students of different types of context clues they can use to help them figure out meanings of words (direct definitions, examples, synonyms, antonyms, etc.)

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Flocabulary - Context Clues Video and activities Teach kids 4 types of context clues that help readers work out unfamiliar words and vocabulary

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Flocabulary - Context Clues. Four ways to define unknown words using context clues: synonyms, antonyms, explanations and examples.

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This is a great video to talk about how we use context clues to help us understand new vocabulary

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This foldable includes 15 sentences with words like shrewd, lark, and mirthful. It focuses on 5 types of clues: synonyms (restatement), antonyms (contrast), inference, example, and definition. $

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There are so many reasons why exit tickets are powerful classroom tools! This blog post is linked to reasons why you should be using exit tickets in your classroom. It also includes FREE exit tickets and classroom examples!

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We don't know what the Minions are actually "saying" but we understand what is going on. Distance Contest (Ending of "Despicable Me") - context clues and inferences YouTube

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Ch6. This chapter discusses creating a coherent gender story, and that often this can be complicated. Like the starbust "contradtiction" commercials, our genders are made up of many contradictions. For example, I am a right-wing feminist who loves chivalry. People don't always understand that because they feel like it contradicts. Though these things seem to be incompatible, they are all essential parts of my gender, and ironically, without them my story wouldn't seem coherent.

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