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A good anchor chart that reminds students of different types of context clues they can use to help them figure out meanings of words (direct definitions, examples, synonyms, antonyms, etc.)


"The best part about VC is that you get to partner with entrepreneurs who know way more than you do about [different] areas, but you get to context switch between them...and that's been the most fun." - David Pakman, Partner at Venrock Associates (Part I)

measurement - How long does it take to refocus after context switching? - Cognitive Sciences Stack Exchange

This is a visualization of a full 256 byte virtual and physical address space in a situation where you can simulate context switching by changing the top level paging pointer to 'context switch' between processes. Created at

Quote:"full queues SHOULD NOT happen during normal operation"Another Quote:"With queues-implemented-over-mutexes like the ones we’ve written above, the most annoying thing performance-wise is that there is a chance that the OS’s scheduler can force the preemptive context switch right when the thread-being-preempted-is-owning-our-mutex."[→]

Social Scheduler – Quickly context switch with your ‘Favourite Selections’!

Scheduling your Social Media messages is even quicker w/ 'Favourite Selections' #smm #social

Busy, but not productive? We know how that feels... This simple, powerful lesson from Todd Herman shows us exactly WHY context-switching must be a habit of the past.

The Hidden Cost of Context Switching |

POK For Reddit Android App - , POK is a fun app that shows you images from Reddit in an endless smooth scrolling feed or gallery style grid.POK supports Imgur Albums and metadata.Choose multiple subreddits to combine their content.Group subreddits for quick context switching.In gallery view, tap to reveal contextual options.Tap left or right to quickly go forward or backward.