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The 12 Easiest Countries for Living and Working Abroad

Ireland The tech boom in Dublin has positioned Ireland as one of the leading destinations for globe-trotting techies. its proximity to Continental Europe, outstanding work benefits, low crime rate, great healthcare, raucous nightlife, and of course, all the Guinness you can drink, You do, have to get used to the damp weather. And people rolling their eyes when you go on about how your family was originally from Cork. Sigh. Where to find work: Tech, finance, healthcare, and medical…

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How to Plan the Perfect Eurail or Interrail trip around Europe

How to Plan the Perfect Eurail or Interrail Trip Around Europe -- Travelling around Europe has been one of many travel goals I have on my list. I wanted to explore the continental Europe via train travel, as I find it convenient and extraordinary. That feeling of watching the beautiful landscape on a first class coach on a bullet train, while sipping the lovely Italian coffee or wine, it is just a legendary experience. I will discuss in this article on how we planned our Eurail / Interrail.


Viking Gold Ring with Stamped Triangles 9th-11th century AD. A flat-section gold plaque with four rows of punched triangles, each with a pellet to each angle, and median row of roundels; to the reverse, two round-section extensions with each end coiled around the shank. Ex Clements collection; acquired continental Europe 1950s; by descent, 2004. 9.46 grams, 23mm overall, 22.06mm internal diameter

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History of the Celts

The Celts were an ancient people who spread across continental Europe, and only recently became associated with the British Isles.

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Walking Home: A Pilgrimage from Humbled to Healed

Can making a 500-year-old pilgrimage over a Spanish mountain range change a 21st-century life?


The high cliffs at Cap Blanc-Nez on the French 'Opal Coast' mark the start ,or the end, of mainland Continental Europe depending on which way you look at it. From these clifftops one has amazing views towards Folkestone in England, but in this photo the camera is pointing down the French coast towards Wissant.


As the Viking Age came to a close, Romanesque influences from Continental Europe began to heavily influence Scandinavian art. While a number of Viking Age motifs and stylistic elements persisted a surprisingly long time, the Romanesque winged dragon, scrolls and leaf-work became dominant in designs.


Diadem, 1200–800 B.C.; Bronze Age East-central Europe, Carpathian Basin region. Copper alloy made from a single sheet of hammered bronze plate, probably worn by a high-ranking woman during the Late Bronze Age, produced by workshops in the Carpathian Mountains. In continental Europe, no workshops were more prolific, more creative, or more technologically accomplished than these.

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Craigievar Castle

Craigievar Castle - Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Built in 1626 by William Forbes. (north)


Cabo da roca, Lisboa - PORTUGAL. A cape which forms the westernmost extent of continental Europe (and by definition the Eurasian land mass). Cabo da Roca was known to the Romans as 'Promontorium Magnum' and during the Age of Sail as the Rock of Lisbon. The 16th century Portuguese poet Luís de Camões described it as "where the land ends and the sea begins".