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Contingency Pathway Charting: Introduction to Competing Pathways - Creating a Competing Pathways Chart allows the behavior consultant to formulate the results of a Functional Behavioral Assessment into a one page document which will be the “map” for behavior plan development. This requires consultation and assessment skills, and is important to master prior to moving a team toward developing an effective behavior plan.

Disaster Recovery Infographic

Disaster Recovery Infographic

from Autism Classroom Resources

Contingency Maps for Behavior Problem-Solving (Freebie

I have had this post on my mind for a while now but haven’t had the time to really sit down and create a freebie and write about them, until now. Contingency maps are a cognitive-behavioral method for helping an individual to understand the consequences of behavioral choices.  They are particularly useful for teaching individuals …


True! LOL And since I was in the military... ;) Some years ago, I was walking down an inner city street with a friend. He suddenly asked me why I was always looking around. I said "Situational awareness & threat assessment. The Military trained me, and it's automatic & a good idea." I proceeded to tell him details of the building and people around us! He looked very surprised, I think I gained some new respect. ;)