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Sayings to go with this: Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass it is about learning to dance in the rain; or, to have a fun, you're going to need to get your shoes/boots a little muddy.


Cross Contour Breadth | A cross-contour drawing uses lines that seem to move along the surface of the objects in the composition. These line...


I chose this: With different kinds of shades with lines and the gap between them gives gives off a person with an idea of what there wearing


Faces line Art Print

This is a really good example for the element of line, because your eyes have to follow the line down in order to see the faces drawn into it. This piece of art is also a very good example of a Continuous Contour Line Drawing because it is only one line drawn into all three of the faces. I was drawn to this image because at first I thought it was just a scribble, but when I payed closer attention I saw that it created three faces.