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Dawn (left) from the video game CONTRAST. This is more of an inspiration for an aerials costume rather than actual cosplay.

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Shadow of the Colossus , Multiple Sizes Available, Video Game Poster

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Walking Dead Game Art - Mimicking Robbert Kirkman's art style used in the comic of The Walking Dead, this concept art of Clementine make the player feel concerned and worried for her, with details such as blood on her top helping players feel this. The comic style is abundantly clear and the game incorporated this with a cel-shaded art style. The game is mainly dark, so the drawing looming down on Clementine adds to the dark mood of the game.

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30 DAY CHALLENGE // DAY FIFTEEN // SOMEONE FROM YOUR FAVORITE VIDEO GAME If you are involved with art in any way, please check out Journey. I had a one night stand with it. My eyes are all pregnant now. I don’t regret it. The game has you journeying through ruins and a barren environment. By contrast, I wanted to show the juxtaposition of life still thriving. WEBSITE FACEBOOK PRINTS

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I do not ship them but the contrast in their expressions are just priceless

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