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Exactly.... I just cant take fighting and bickering.... I am sorry....

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A woman of true worth waits for the man of her dreams, she doesn't settle, she doesn't pretend, and she gets what she wants

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What they hate is their own lack of self-control, so they control you. What they despise is your strength. What they hold in utmost contempt is your refusal to be controlled and to accept their lie that it's your fault. — Bryant McGill

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There's a difference

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HOLY FLIPPIN' COW! ***MAN QUOTE*** TRUTH! Love your woman right if she loves you! Respect her and if she ever leaves, don't be the reason she does because YOU will heal faster knowing you had no control over her decision.

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How to Deal With an Angry Husband Without Sacrificing Your Dignity

Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men

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Truth about controlling people....

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I totally agree as many women are known to nag a lot and try to manipulate and control their hubbies. Poor men of such wives ! Lesson learnt, be on the look out for girls who cannot respect your decisions and try to coerce you into submission by calling for reinforcement among family and friends. These make poor wife material.

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✨👑CROWNS UP👑✨ _queen_ang_

You say she isn't making you choose your relationship with her over your family but where has your relationship with your family gone since she started controlling your every move!?...using your kid to keep you ..not allowed on social media due to her insecurities ...pathetic jamie really pathetic.....If you have to be that controlling ...that ought to tell you, he can't be trusted, he ain't worth it and never will be!! And yet you're both in love...barf. You're a narcissist, you don't know…

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