Living with conversion disorder Not all of these pertain to me, but this definitely fits in other ways.

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conversion disorder… have u ever heard of this?? I never had until I found out my seizures r caused my stress and anxiety. That's called conversion disorder. How my body deals with stress.

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It looks like a seizure but you are totally conscious. Chronic anxiety can cause this conversion disorder. Yep, got up to about 20 a day.

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This disorder is not talked about within the mental health community, and I didn't know about it until yesterday! The people who suffer with this need awareness.

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16 Warning Signs You Might Suffer From Conversion Disorder | World of Psychology

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Conversion disorder symptoms

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Topics covered include: -somatization disorder -conversion disorder -hypochondriasis -pain disorder -body dysmorphic disorder -factitious disorder -malingeri...

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