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Fun Metric Worksheets from Nancy B.

Nancy Balter is our math and science product developer here at Educational Insights. Not only is she brilliant in developing educational toys and games in her area of expertise, but she was also a ...

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Wow. I wish i woukd have been on the internet more in highschool, i might have found this for chemistry!!

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Free task cards: rounding, decimals, greatest common factor, least common multiple, & combining like terms. Paid products such as math mazes & color-by-answer products are available for equations, distributive property (with & without negatives), proportions, integers, & order of operations. Math fluency activities covering one step equations, basic math facts, proportions, integers, fractions to mixed numbers, fractions in simplest form, decimals & percent conversions, & more.

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By blog post about customary measurement and converting units with brain dumps. The post also includes a video I made for my students.

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