If you're in for some busy weeks ahead, make sure you've got your clean eating covered with this *almost* no-cook meal prep. It follows the Portion Fix eating plan at the 1,500–1,800 calorie level. Super easy, super fast, super healthy! // recipes // clean eating // no cook // meal prep // meal prepping // meal planning // meal plans // healthy // ideas // weight loss // easy // simple // motivation // containers // 21 Day Fix // Autumn Calabrese // Beachbody // BeachbodyBlog.com

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Everyone should be able to meal prep, no matter how your skills are in the kitchen or how much time you have on the weekend. This no-cook meal prep plan is fast, easy, and doesn't require you to cook a single thing! // Beachbody // BeachbodyBlog.com

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Sometimes the last thing we want to do is turn on our stove or oven. But Sunday night was fast approaching, and we knew I would regret skipping our meal prep for the week if we didn’t get our act together. That’s when we had the brilliant idea of doing a no-cook meal prep. // no cook // meal prep // fitness // nutrition // food // healthy // eats // snacks // Beachbody // BeachbodyBlog.com

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Since no cooking is required, most of the meals are meant to be served cold. But, we wanted to have at least one hot meal, so we created the Shrimp and Veggie Rice Bowl with raw broccoli and snow peas. Heat in the microwave or on the stovetop. // meal prep // no cook // raw // veggies // healthy // eating // food // recipes // wholesome // delicious // Beachbody // BeachbodyBlog.com

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7 Pioneer Recipes Every Prepper Should Learn - You may want to familiarize yourself with these recipes so you can cook meals when there isn't electricity and you only have your food stockpile.

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Gluten Free Chicken Fried Rice is one of our favorite meals. It is easy to make, gluten free and has amazing flavor. Try this easy dinner recipe tonight.

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