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( RP any gender) (I'm female) Sitting In the clearing, I watch as the fire grows in my hand. Slowly, a smile spreads on my face as I make it grow larger. Magic had been outlawed since I was born and all witches who can do magic have been hunted down and killed. I've been careful and I thought this area was safe. Sitting on a soft grass I feel relaxed. "Cool magic trick" I hear behind me. Closing my fist, I turn around to see who it is, terrified because I've been caught.

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10 Easy Magic Tricks for Kids

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Math Magic Tricks . Activities for Kids: Adventures In Learning . PBS Parents

Do your kids hate math? Add a little bit of magic and they'll be sure to get excited! See 3 tricks to have up your sleeve with @pbsparents.

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Amaze Your Students With This Math Magic Trick!

Want to show off a little 'magic' in math class tomorrow? Want to watch your students' jaws drop when they see you guess their secret number correctly again and again? Learn how to do this magic math trick and get these FREE printable Magic Math cards to use at