This Year So Far In Science - The Meta Picture << and they say science is slow.. it just needs time! Some things are more important than your floating cars

This Year So Far In Science

This Year So Far In Science - Funny and Hilarious. - Funny and Hilarious

this is cool.... but probably not true :( ...  ok i still want to pin it :)

More Science Facts

Well then, I might as well just start kissing people instead of shaking their hands...ew


Here are some fun and geeky science facts that might surprise you. The potato and butter one I've been thinking about for a few weeks.

Cool science facts. Except for the one about erasing the memories. It is scary that now someone can erase memories. What if it will happen to you? What if someone is taken away, brain washed, and for not leaving any trace of what hape to them, the scientists erase yhe memories of the trauma they caused,  leaving only this new born human. (O.o)

To my atheist friends: how do you guys feel about scientific testing done on animals? Products, vaccines, surgeries, etc. I want to hear your opinions.

Tumblr Shtuff.

Yay, I like that smell ! Crimson, eleven, delight, petrichor (the smell of dust after rain)