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Did you know that many sound effects for movies are made with household items? We tell a crazy story with some cool sound effects at the "A Year in the Life:...


((Create Your Own Stage Effects)) -- I worked on the stage crew for a local community theater and the old timers there had a bottomless inventory of quick and rough tricks for most stage effects. They would immediately say, here’s how to make a clouds move across the moon. Or get the sound of light rain on a roof. Or make a character fly, safely. At no cost. This book is chock full of a zillion little rough and ready, low-cost effects for local theater. And enough inspiration to create your…


Gibson SJ-200. When it comes to acoustics, I'm a Martin guy. But Gibson has given Martin a run for their money with great guitars like this one.


80s goth halloween mixtape !! ive made a ton of halloween mixtapes before but i always use the same songs so this year i wanted to do something different. not all of the songs are "halloween"; but they're all creepy & i put spooky sound effects between songs so yeah i think its cool. listen to it on 8tracks here !! | #playlist #mix


Super Scratch Programming Adventure from The LEAD Project. Free epub with project files for 10 Scratch projects based on classic arcade games. Includes complete project files and sets of characters, sprites and sound effects for you to build your own. More here:

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Teaching Kids How Sound is Made

How is sound made? Do this experiment with your kids. It was so much fun! It took only minutes to put together, we made lots of noise, quite a bit of mess, and we learned quite a lot as well! These are the supplies we used.


Water Effects Projector - Special Lighting - Multi Sensory Rooms - Rompa® - The home of Snoezelen® multi-sensory environments and sensory equipment.