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Take Your Awesome Pillow With You: Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Cool Case Review

Comfort Revolution has a pillowcase that will turn any pillow into a cooling pillow! LOVE IT!!!!! The pillow case starts at $20 (much less expensive than the pillows!)

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Cooling Pillow - Reversible Memory Foam Stay Cool Pillow With Gel - High Quality Grade Memory Foam -- To view further, visit

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Serta Stay Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow, White

Serta Stay Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow: Make comfort and repose a priority with this memory foam pillow from Serta.

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21 Products For People Who Hate Being Hot

A cooling gel pillow that you don’t have to flip to the cold side in the middle of the night.

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The Always Cool Pillow - Effective under any pillowcase, this is the pillow that actively regulates your head's and face's temperature, creating an optimal sleeping climate by preventing overheating. It uses a fabric developed for NASA to help astronauts adapt to extreme temperature fluctuations. It absorbs excess heat from you when you are hot, ensuring a comfortable pillow temperature every time you use it.

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Hot at Night? How a Pillow Kept Me from Sweating

cooling pillow for those who are hot at night. At this point, I've purchased 3 (for myself and others). It doesn't get any better than this for pillows!

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#Chillow pillow innovative cooling pillow soothing anti #sweat #relief sleeping a, View more on the LINK:

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Outlast Cooling Pillow Pair

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HydraLuxe Air Cooling Pillow

HydraLuxe Air Cooling Pillow - Everyone knows that a cool pillow is the best…and everyone also knows that spending half the night flipping the pillow over in search of the elusive “cool spot” is the worst. But with the HydraLuxe Air™ Cooling Pillow, you’ll be able to spend less time pillow flipping and more time sleeping!

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Frosty Pillow Gel Mat - Cooling Pillow Mat - Reduces Migraines, Hot Flashes and Fevers Soft & Flexible Slim Design Conforms to Your Body - ADULT SIZE - Includes Storage Cover (12.5 x 22 inches) Angel Baby

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