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Fairy Garden House with Copper Roof/ Fairy Cottage/ The Garden Fairy House

Fairy Garden House with Copper Roof/ Fairy by TheHealersGarden

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The Black Copper Marans is one of the rarest breeds of chicken in the United States. Lays dark to very dark eggs. The eggs are used by many world renowned chefs. French Black Copper Marans were developed in France and are famous for their chocolate brown eggs.

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A swing for hummingbirds! Hummingbirds are territorial and will use this swing as a perch to watch over their food source. Simply place this swing near hummer feeders and enjoy watching them sit and swing. Red glass bead dangler attracts birds.

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Protect your garden and vegetable plants from slugs and snails with this adhesive copper barrier tape. It causes a reaction similar to an electric shock when the pest makes contact with the copper.

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So clever! DIY: Bird bath using shallow ceramic bowl, grapevine wreath copper wire. In the spring, add bits of fabric string within the grapevine for nest building. - ruggedthug

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Wine barrel hoop and copper pipe water feature. I would use my old wagon wheel hoops that the wheels have rotted out of for sure.

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