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Can I use someone else's images in my resources? Get lots of answers about copyright and trademark laws and even read some source documents of copyright cases.


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Supreme Court Rules on Legal Fees in Copyright Cases

In a unanimous decision, the court said a student who won a copyright case over imported textbooks should be able to seek payment of legal fees from the book’s publisher.

Who owns a photo once it's put online: free cheat sheet to understanding copyright | Digital Camera World

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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description: 20th Jul, 1944 Exposition Adam Pelko is a 17 year old who lives in Bakersfield California. He h...

People Sued For Piracy in The U.S. Drops 84% Since 2010 Faced with an Internet awash with copyrighted movies and music just a few clicks away some rightsholders have decided to let piracy continue with a view to monetizing it. One aspect of that approach is the rise of so-called John Doe lawsuits copyright cases which target individuals said to be responsible for the unlawful sharing of content online. What copyright holders want from these people is a cash settlement often to the tune of…

Copyright Case Victor Returns to Supreme Court for Legal Fees

The justices are debating the purpose and effects of awarding lawyers’ fees to the prevailing parties in copyright cases.

Copyright Trolls Begin Taking Finnish Pirates to Court So-called copyright trolls are operating on most continents in 2015 but their aims are all the same. The name of the game is generating revenue via intimidation. Alleged file-sharers are warned that they have two choices settle now for a relatively small sum or risk an escalation in court where costs will be much higher. Many file-sharers call trolls bluff at this point in the hope that the cases against them wither and die. Indeed…

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Led Zeppelin suit latest in chorus of notable copyright cases - Arts & Entertainment - CBC News