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Break a sponge in half, and two grow. More than a colony, less vulnerable than a tissue-based creature. Human societies could learn a lesson from the lowly sponge. Tube Sponge (Aplysina fistularis).

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Natal-Tree Worm O worm Natal-árvore (spirobranchus giganteus) é um pequeno verme poliquetas mais freqüentemente encontrados na Floresta Reef preto e outros recifes perto de Grand Turk

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Fantasy Fan Flipped

Fantasy fan - vertical flipped. Beautiful displayed on wall together.

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Art in Nature - natural sea coral with beautiful rippling textures; organic inspirations for design

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This post is posted on Thursday 13 June 2013. Currently has 566 notes Tagged as: blue purple marine sea life reef

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Red Coral Seafan - ©Jill Ehring -

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White art | Michael Kukla, American-Czech sculptor and fIne artist. "Michael Kukla creates organic surfaces by drilling and grinding out cellular-like structures in marble or plywood slabs." This organically designed sculpture looks like a macro of white coral. (More info: and #white #texture #art - Michael Kukla

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Calming corals: pick your favorite coral design fabric

These pink oyster mushrooms look exquisite and remind us of beautiful window treatments. What do you think?

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Acanthastrea coral <<< Incredible colours!! This is exactly why we have to find a way to prevent coral bleaching in the ocean!

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