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Bra Fitting 101 for the Curvy Girl. I thought some one might love this post. I am mostly curvy on the bottom but I can see where this could be very useful to other curvy women.

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how to get the right bra size. if you don't start with a good fitting bra, nothing you put on top of it will look right! Also Lane Bryant stores will be glad to measure and fit you with the correct size. tailored/fit/bra

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Victoria's Secret will measure you to fit within the sizes they sell. But, use this guide to get the right fit and look great! **Just did this and my size was drastically different than it used to be! Finally found a comfortable bra that really truly fits! Bra Guru's Better Bra Campaign: Bra fitting

thatbradoesnotfither: Here is an excellent graphic showing how a bra should fit! If your shoulders hurt at the end of the day, or you find yourself constantly re-adjusting your bra, it might be a good idea to re-evalute your bra size and find a bra that’s good enough to support your awesome boobs. (It’s the bra’s fault—not yours!) If your bra does not meet all this criteria you need to measure yourself PROPERLY ok, Victoria’s Secret does not count at all chances are you are not ...

This one is for you ladies!  Here are two great infographics on finding a great bra that fits and flatters!

This one is for you ladies! Here are two great infographics on finding a great bra that fits and flatters!

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