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Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation-Baby Universe

Not all cosmologists agree with the Big Bang Theory. Studying the cosmic microwave background radiation, Sir Roger Penrose, who hails from the University of Oxford, has detected several "concentric circles" that he believes were created through black hole collisions during a previous aeon in our universe's history. Such a discovery may indicate that our current universe is just one of potentially an infinite number of clinical big bangs that have occurred over the history of the universe.

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Cosmic Microwave Background is what radiates from the surface of the last scattering, therefore it is radiation from the big bang.

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Cold Spot suggests largest structure in the observable universe is a supervoid 1.3 billion light years across

Astronomers may have found “the largest individual structure ever identified by humanity”, according to Dr István Szapudi of the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Dr Szapudi and his team report their findings in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal...

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The AMiBA is a radio telescope designed to observe the cosmic microwave background that is located in Hawaii. [1920 × 2560]

And - Cosmic Microwave Background

“In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown. And, in between, there are doors.” Having honed a cle