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Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee Coolers, Costas answer to the Frappuccino. Now I prefer the Starbucks version because when I order this at Costa they put coffee grinds in it. Why? No, really why? It just meant there were lots of bitter lumps in my drink, not yummy. I've had a couple since and they haven't always had these grinds in, but I still don't trust them.


When you can use you incahoot plus card to save 25p on every costa coffee.. why would you NOT treat yourself to coffee with friends?!


I chose this logo because it gets straight to the point of what it is selling. It is one of the few logos that have 'coffee' in the title so when people see 'coffee' and the colour scheme that it uses they will know it will most likely be costa coffee which makes it successful.

from BuzzFeed

The Anatomy Of Coffee

Know your coffee print. I should hang something like this above my coffee center in the kitchen!