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Vintage Children's Medicine Ads - This dangerous drug was once used to calm coughs, colds hoarseness, sore throat, bronchitis and all Diseases of the throat and lungs, Kimball Pharmacy , Chicago, White Pine and Tar Cough Syrup, alcohol 4$, Chloroform 4 minims, Before the days of more sophisticated cold cures, vintage ads like this one suggested taking a harmful substance to soothe a sore throat. And it's not the only questionable item to be touted as medicine in years past.

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Some Cough Syrups Can Be Deadly For Children

7 Syrups - siete jarabes is a commercial syrup used by Puerto Ricans to treat cough, particularly in asthmatic patients. I chose this pin because I thought it was interesting that they provided the drug label. This is relevant to my fellow nurses because we all need to know how to read a drug label and in Puerto Rican asthmatic patients we might be seeing use of this drug.

Traditional cough expectorant .. what docs used to prescribe that really works much better than toxic cough medicines from the doctor or pharmacy.


​In October 2008, the Food and Drug Administration recommended that OTC cough and cold medicines never be used in children younger than 4 years. Fortunately, you can easily treat coughs and colds in young children without these nonprescription medicines.

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Home Remedies For Cough


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If you suffer from a bad and persistent cough, you have surely tried all kinds of commercial drugs to treat the issue. But apparently, none of them provides the promised results, without causing a variety of harmful side-effects. This is due to the fact that they are loaded with dangerous chemicals that actually cause more …