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'Malooka' is responsive launching soon template featuring 8 different background options including video, slideshow, pattern and even a map option. Other notable features include Twitter Feed, Flickr Feed and a countdown timer. At $7 you can really test your new idea online affordably and validate against the gathering of emails in the newsletter signup box near the footer.


$29.58 (Buy here: ) 90-260V AC/DC Digital Timer 4-Digit Display Alarm Clock Countdown Time Counter Chronograph Relay Output 1 Alarm for just $29.58

$69.00 (Buy here: ) Digital Display timer time relay switch dh48s 1z 5pcs with socket together (AC 220V 110V 380V 36V DC/AC 24V 12V alternative) for just $69.00

Countdown timers are a fantastic tool in maintaining a good pace in a lesson and keeping students focused. Here are some awesome timers you can use in your lessons!


The SVG Timer #jQuery plugin allows you to draw a SVG based hexagon #countdown #timer that uses CSS transition-timing-function for the smooth transition effects.