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University of Missouri Tigers Subway Scroll- We are so doing this for the basement @Courtney Stoddard!!

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my friends are like my everything. i tell them anything and everything that happens in my life. ♥

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Easy Vegan Glazed Donuts recipe... SO GOOD! The dough didn't rise as much as I thought it would, so they were a little dense. However, they were DELICIOUS. I recommend adding cinnamon to the glaze- 'twas a stroke of genius!

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Fun wedding photo ideas Lets not go THIS far (I don't need underwear shots!) but we are a rowdy bunch for sure... @Samantha magee @Brooke Baird King @Célia Tasca Amill @Tamara Walker Crackenberger Roach

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Love this idea for the kitchen ~ Cutting board opening to trash can built into the counter

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You know it’s gonna be a slow frickin week when the best thing to talk about is Courtney Stoddard and Doug Hutchinson. Yeah, yeah… she was 16 and he was 51 when they got hitched. So what. The Hef’s married a bigger age gap than their 35 years and the old geezer Anna Nicole married… c’mon. At least Court and the Hutch sounds like they’ve got a real relationship[ there instead of some grab for fame or money.

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