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Why Do Courts Use Courtroom Sketch Artists?

This is a courtroom sketch of Lindsay Lohan. These sketches are made due to the fact that you cant have photographers in the courtroom.

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The New York Times Profiles Texas Courtroom Sketch Artist Gary Myrick

Courtroom Sketch Artist. This short documentary captures the rise and fall of a courtroom sketch artist in Texas. Produced by: Ramtin Nikza...

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O.J. Simpson courtroom-sketch artist says ‘O.J. was miscast’ in FX’s crime miniseries

Bill Robles's courtroom sketch of O.J. Simpson from the 1996 civil trial. (courtesy of Bill Robles)


The is an example of a courtroom sketch. The photo depicts the late Amy Winehouse showing the court her shoes. Cameras are not allowed in most courtrooms so artists are hired to capture what is going on within a short amount of time.


Celebrity-Courtroom-Sketch-OJ-Simpson -- I think Courtroom Sketches can fall under the category for information graphics because it is a graphic image that gives you insight on what is happening on the trial stand, the images capture the looks of concern, remorse, anger and you can feel as though you are right there.


This is a courtroom sketch of celebrity Paris Hilton, which is an example of one of the information graphics. For more information on courtroom sketches:


Celebrity-Courtroom-Sketch-Nicole-Richie -- This is another courtroom sketch of Nichole Richie. She seems frail and the judge is very serious. She is also dressed appropriately for the courtroom, unlike the notable badly dressed Lohan.