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Be My Covalentine

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Ionic and Covalent bonding are depicted in the picture. Ionic bonds - is the attraction of a cation to an anion and is a weak bond that can be broken up in the presence of something more attractive. Covalent bonds - formed by the sharing of electrons between nuclei

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Polar-Covalent Bonds: a bond between two non-metals where the electrons are unequally shared. -Jillian Charland

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Chemistry Cat - Covalent Bond

Covalent bonding jokes | Chemistry Cat: You have a joke about covalent bonds? Do share.

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Ionic & Covalent Bonds Color-by-Number

Looking for a fun, engaging way to review ionic & covalent bonds with your students? Try my color-by-number activity! I teach grade boys & even

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ionic and covalent bonding animation: excellent explanations, also shows electron dot structures in this very good animation

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