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That's right! We're already on our way to the PlayOffs. Haters, keep talking! The ones who hate the most are the ones whose teams are the sorriest. Jealous is the ugliest trait. Don't hate cause we're great. This is a competition; supposed to be a fun one. But haters are just too busy hating for that. Oh well! Your bad! Love my Cowboys, muuaah darlings. You are not the best because you win. You're the best because you play hard with dignity and grace. This is why you're America's team. This…

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AT&T Stadium

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Woooooo! AND...#1 seed in the playoffs and home fied advantage throughout! Let's go Boys! DC4L

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Great job Dak! Dak Prescott- Making Dallas Cowboys great again! The Dallas Cowboys have done an awesome & incredible job this year- 11-2 Division Leaders and PlayOffs bound. But, even if this were not the case, I would still love my Cowboys. #DC4L ❤

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DC4L...For a team that wasn't supposed to make the playoffs...They had a GREAT season...Still LOVE MY BOYS!!!

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Let's make them pay the price when they come to our house! Go cowboys! Beat the packers in the playoffs!

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