* Bird Feeder made from craft sticks - smear with shortening and pour on bird seed

Cub Scouts: Easy Bird Feeders for Kids

Craft Stick bird feeder for kids to make. Tiger, Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts all have making a bird feeder as an elective or requirement. Elective 13 for Wolf.

Instant Feeder | Birds & Blooms, what a clever ideas!!  (http://www.birdsandblooms.com/For-Less/Birds/Instant-Feeder)

Milk jug bird feeders are more than just a fun art project for the kids. This bird feeder craft is sure to provide your kids hours of entertainment!

DIY Freestanding Bird Feeder and Flower Post

Build This Freestanding Bird Feeder and Flower Post

This post is for the birds! It's a freestanding bird feeder and flower post, and you can build one yourself in an hour or less. After seeing something similar in a couple of y.

Bird Feeder - Tiger Elective 32, Wolf Achievement 5e, Wolf Elective 13e (part of), Bear Requirement 5b, Webelos Craftsman.

Bread Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder - Tiger Elective Wolf Achievement Wolf Elective (part of), Bear Requirement Webelos Craftsman. But I could so make this with scraps in my shop!

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder - weekend fun project to welcome the birds back from their winter trip.

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Wine bottle bird feeder, great way to recycle those bottles! Gardening, DIY--- We have glass coke bottles and bottles from cooking wine, Kim wants to make a birdhouse.

Twig & Timber birdhouses on Etsy.

Birdhouse, modern craftsman- The Camera Shutter

Simple bird feeder DIYs from Lushome

15 Simple Design Ideas for Easy to Make Bird Feeders

A unique,cheap, and easy way to feed the birds.roll it pb and bird seed too or even a little lard and bird seed. The kids will love to watch the birds eating their snack. See how many birds you can identify when they come to the feeder!

Modern Birdhouses from Twig & Timber in main home furnishings  Category

Modern Birdhouses from Twig & Timber

wooden+bird+feeders | Wooden Log Cabin Bird Feeder with Rock Chimney | Amish Bird Feeders ...

Amish Log Cabin Garden Bird Feeder with Rock Chimney

Amish Country Rustic Handmade Log Cabin Bird Feeder With Rock Chimney: This handmade rustic birdfeeder is always a winner! Delight the bird lover in your family while enhancing your country home & garden landscape decor.

DIY Duct tape bird feeder - click through to see 10 Super Simple DIY Bird & Butterfly Feeders For Spring Time!

10 Super Simple DIY Bird Feeders For Spring!

What a super savvy Bird Feeder for spring! Using duct tape & a tin can you can create this super simple bird feeder. Check out this post to see 9 More plus 2 DIY butterfly Feeder's! A really quick and easy DIY project idea! Perfect crafts idea for kids.