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Craftsman Cooking Spoons

Wide handmade wooden ladle spoon kitchen utensil of Black Walnut wood , Soup Ladle , Punch sever , Rustic Wedding , Gift for Her

Wide handmade wooden ladle spoon kitchen utensil of Black Walnut wood wide ladle…


Conversion Chart DIY - Free Printable

free printable - kitchen conversion 2/11/2013


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spoons. . . “When I begin carving I look for the differing qualities in each piece, allowing the grain and character to influence the design. Each spoon evolves to have its own personality and when finished becomes a showcase for the limitless beauty of wood.”


This angled edge skewed cooking spoon has been handcrafted in Maine by one of the leading spoon craftsmen in New England. Pictured spoon is made from wild cherry. These woods all have beautiful grain patterns. You may choose either cherry, maple, walnut wood, or swiss pear. This handcrafted kitchen utensil has been one of my new designs for 2016 that has proven itself in my test kitchen. Great for stirring and general cooking because of the cut in edge allowing you to reach into the…


Long Juniper Tasting Spoon

Keep this hand-honed spoon next to the stove to dip into sauces and soups for quick tastes as you cook. The extra-long design gets to the bottom of your biggest stockpot. Also a lovely, elegant server for delicate dressings. Pro Tip: Don't salt the soup until the end. Hand wash and dry. Care Instructions. Note: Our products are handmade made by craftsman and may have subtle variations in shape, color, and grain pattern which makes each piece completely unique.

Popcorn combined with melted marshmallows, dark chocolate drizzle and colored sprinkles! A sweet treat that's ridiculously easy to make. via @asassyspoon


Creating a pullout cooking utensil station for spoons, spatulas and oven mitts is an ingenious use of the rollout storage idea. A pegboard or perforated metal backing creates an easy (and affordable) backdrop for stress-free reachability.


"Cook pine. This was a study piece for the high contrast colored lines. I experimented with different media and with this vase discovered a workable technique."...Love it!