Craftsman electric can openers

I own a 55 yr old home that I am in the process of renovating. There was a hideous plywood and black tile electric fireplace here to begin with that just taking up space and maing the room feel...

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The Windsor is a Victorian style gas insert designed to fit into very small fireplaces like those found in historic homes.

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Craftsman 25574 7.8 amp Corded 6-1/8" Twin Cutter Electric Saw

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I am not an electric can opener girl. I have just never liked them. And why would you when you can have this Swing-A-Way can opener? This little gadget makes effortless work of it, gives clean edges and fast, and is portable and requires no counter space.

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This is a custom made piece for a client. This is design for a CPAP machine. Please note that there are different sizes of CPAP machine. We can tailor the size according to your specification. It has a partial open back for the electrical cords. In addition, it has one adjustable shelf and an easy pull out shelf. Moreover, this is built with ¼ sawn White Oak with the OCS 113 finish. And lastly, this is built to last by highly skilled craftsman and high quality materials.

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