Craftsman folding tables

The Expanding Dining Table Hutch. $599.95 would be great for small living spaces...pop it out only when needed

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Mastro worktable, by Studio Gumdesign ‘Mastro’ is a furniture piece whose formal structure is derived from that of old work tables and benches found in a craftsman’s workshop. The table is composed of...

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This Gate leg table is a multipurpose unit that lets you have the flexibility to change the size depending on the activity in mind. Moreover, this unit is made out of solid wood and you have options of different finishes to match the surrounding decor. The folding mechanism is very accessible and sturdy built. And lastly, this is built by highly skilled craftsman with years of experience and dedication.

Folding (Travel) Table I’m not sure how authentic this folding table is as far as being a period piece of furniture. However, the craftsman of that era: were certainly handy enough to make...

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Space Saving End Table...Great idea for downstairs depending on the room we have after the furniture gets put in there.

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Versatile Tool Craftsman Portable Peg Clamping Workbench Folding Work Table Gift #Craftsman

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