Simple Science Experiment for Kids: Why are there craters on the moon

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1955 set of 3 moonscape original vintage celestial prints

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Craters on the far side of the moon. Some images have revealed the presence of lava that flowed on the moon millions of years ago

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kids moon actvities. flour and white paint mixture. use a bottle cap to make the round circular craters on the moon.

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humanoidhistory: The Copernicus crater on the Moon, photographed from lunar orbit during the Apollo 12 mission, November 1969. (NASA)

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Drop marshmallows in flour to show why the moon has craters + lots of other great solar system ideas on this blog!

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Amazing Images: The Best Science Photos of the Week

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is mapping moon craters that have never seen the light of day. See how the powerful probe can peek inside the moon's permanent lunar shadows. - Credit: NASA/GSFC/SVS

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Learning about the moon

How did the moon get its craters? A hands-on activity for kids.

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Learning about the moon

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