10 Mental Health Disorders Shown As Emoticons - While this infographic contains funny and informative information on Mental Health Disorders, our goal is to help create awareness of Mental Health Issues and Disorders.
e-Pressed. Wearable that "senses and visualises inner states creating awareness in the wearer and in others. Awareness may be followed by interaction, which is stimulated by light visuals." Galvanic skin response (GSR) sensor connected to Arduino board.
Apoptosis Watch (create awareness) by doc1119
Guy Tricks People Into Touching Balls to Create Awareness For Testicular Cancer
Hand-Painted Pink Ribbon Heart Awareness Paracord Keychain
Do You Want to Be Part of a Year Long Content Marketing Strategy That Will Create Awareness and Generate Leads for Your Business? – DOYO LIVE – A Digital Marketing & Interactive Design Conference
User Experience Debt: Creating awareness and acting on missed oppor...
Prepare to be disgusted. The newly renovated Jim Crow Museum at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI houses a collection of racist memorabilia meant to spark dialog and create awareness in regards to the history of racism and how it influences culture today. It's important to acknowledge and be aware of racism, including institutional racism.  Don't be a racist. Don't let anyone you know be a racist.
The Mended Heart by on Etsy  My CHD Shop - Creating Awarness for my sweet Heart Warrior Mylah!!
Easy Action to do with kids: Red Sand Project to Create Awareness for Human Trafficking #RedSandProject #HumanTrafficking #AverageAdvocate #KassieHill www.AverageAdvocate.com