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Below are one hundred short story ideas for all your favorite genres. You can use them as writing prompts or just for fun!
Go Teen Writers: How to Develop Your Story Idea Into A List of Key Scenes - Part 1
World Development: 17 Topics to Brainstorm Perhaps sci fi ideas to use.?
Your guardian angel hates you, but they still have to do their job. Technically.
Use this framework to lock down your story!
evelynatthecircus: “ lauraharrisbooks: “ Beyond this, consider how these professions might vary depending on who the customers are - nobles, or lower class. Are they good at their job or just scraping...
Do you enjoy a good whodunit? So do I. It's my pleasure to share with you some fun, quirky, story ideas for writing mysteries.
(You don't have to do all of this at once to have a good chapter but it's important to know what elements will make a good chapter lol)
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