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Othnorian Firewalker - creature concept by Cloister on DeviantArt

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This is a concept did for a school project. They give to us a simple description of all creatures, characters, enviroment etc..and then we draw everything. Here the description was: "White Az...

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Concept art of creature concept for Guild Wars 2 by Kekai Kotaki

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neat study of patterns in various creatures applied to a dragon concept. by on @deviantART

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The Urgon tradition of cultivating "bone scars" into horrific ridges and boney plates that cover their bodies has led some cultures to equate them with demons (the volatile nature of the Urgon race does nothing to dispel this misconception).

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Kaiju by Edin Durmisevic.

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Lil cub spread your wings by *vidagr on deviantART

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