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from the Guardian

Q&A: Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood Interview- I love all of his answers. They are very adorable. But my favourite would be his favourite smell and favourite word ;) Even though he's all into the super creepy, there is definitely bits of Frodo left in him.

5 Creepy Cryptids You've Probably Never Heard of and Definitely Don't Want to Meet! |


Has anybody tried this?

from One Kings Lane

Hand-Cast French Sphinx

Definitely creepy/awkward/wtf, however I definitely want it Hand-Cast French Sphinx

from Oddee

10 Weirdest Looking Insects

From Darth Vader to Donald Trump, meet some creepy looking bugs that definitely look like something else.

These Guys Stole Into A Crime Kingpin’s Abandoned Mansion, And What They Found Was Definitely Creepy

31 Creepy Kid Stories That Prove Children Are Definitely...

from WIRED

Write the Perfect Email to Anyone With This Creepy Site

Write the Perfect Email to Anyone With This Creepy Site - honestly, I can't wait to try this - like the new "google" to see what a person is like. But, also, possibly a way to communicate more effectively. #crystal #bizdevlove