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Creepy Vintage Dolls That Will Definitely Kill You #HintFashionMagazine #Fashion #Style

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One Nation Under Blood : The Sowing

Cover - "One Nation Under Blood" is a dystopian tale about a new blood technology that allows old people to heal themselves with children's blood. A supply and demand problem develops. In response the government makes a law forcing the youth to routinely donate their blood. To stream line the process kids are rounded up and milked at blood camps. Seniors living off the blood of the young gives a whole new creepy definition to the word vampire. COMING OUT 10-31-12. #policestate…


Creepy Vintage Dolls That Will Definitely Kill You | Hint Fashion Magazine

Creepy Dark Forest HD Wallpapers - High Definition Wallpapers

No bones about it, this Creepy Skull Cake is a great treat for your Halloween party! Simple enough for decorators of all skill levels, this cake can be completed in only a few easy steps. Best of all, the Skull Tube Cake Pan has holes for the eyes, nose and mouth of your skull, so your cake comes out all ready to decorate! A spooky cake with great detailing, this cake definitely tastes much better than it looks!

contact lenses D: these are way too cool! definitely perfect for Halloween

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3 Easy Steps to Edit an Article and Get Rewarded.

The creepy crawlies!!!


If you saw my tutorial on how to make creepy cameo cookies, you might have noticed that I'm on a glammed-up Halloween kick. I kept these bat cookies pretty simple by just using black and gray, but if you're going to make them, I would definitely rec

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37 Mind-Bending Photos You Need To See Twice To Understand

I think this is very cool! Definitely trying it out.


Creepy Vintage Dolls That Will Definitely Kill You | Hint Fashion Magazine