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Horror Pics 6 Christopher McKenney is a conceptual photographer from Pennsylvania who manages to find true art in the dark and twisted. He specializes, as you’ll see, in horror and surrealist photography. Most of the subjects in his photos are faceless, and disembodied in some way. Even though you can’t directly see their faces, you can see the pain behind the veil. As you might imagine his pictures are more than a little creepy.

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The alv in the mythos world (novels & stories by Nathan Squiers & Megan J. Parker) are an inhuman creature that were referred in the literary couple's notes as "if sharks were made man". The alv, who have a tendency to wear heavy leathers & motorcycle gear, have pitch-black eyes and multiple rows of teeth like that of sharks'.

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La Poupée, 1934, by Hans Bellmer. Bellmer was best known for his series of life sized sculptures of pubescent girls (The Doll Collection) but in his spare time he faked passports for the French Resistance.

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