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Laurel wreath: traditional symbol of victory, recognition, and reward. Idea stolen from @ Taylor Woodford -------THIS!!!!!


Family Crest, Royal Monogram, Coat of Arms, Royalty Clipart, Images, Overlays, Digital Design Elements or Illustrations


Harry Potter... A boy's story that changed & impacted my life. Someone I could relate to very well. I couldn't wait for the next book or the next movie, I'm blessed to have been given the chance to have grow up with Harry. Forever in my heart, and soon forever on my skin. Slytherin pride for the win!! :) Tattoo by Dr. Woo


Welcome to Hogwarts!Here are the rules: 1.Only have seven characters.One boy and one girl at least.2.No stealing FCs. 3.Ask me to be a professor,prefect,head of house,or head boy/girl. 4.Keep it Pg. 5.Keep years even. 6.If your a professor don't be biased. your pets if your a student. 8.Ask the headmaster for your schedule.You must complete the schedule once a week or tell me if you are unable.