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To "cry crocodile tears" is a common expression used for depicting fake sadness. Crocodiles really do weep while feasting, but not due to remorse. Their eyes can froth and bubble during the feeding. Air pushed through the sinuses could mix with tears in the animal's tear glands, and the whole content could be emptied into the eye, resulting in the tears.

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Crocodiles, Alligators Vintage 1984 Animals Book Plate

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Alligator. There is an albino alligator in the Natural Sciences Museum in Golden Gate Park, SF.

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Монастырская постная рыбная кулебяка "Крокодильчик" | Банк кулинарных рецептов


Монастырская постная рыбная кулебяка "Крокодильчик" | Банк кулинарных рецептов

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Saltwater crocodiles. Strongest bite force of any living animal, 7,000 PSI, or 1,000,000 Pounds per foot. Can go months without food, and digest metal.

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Brutus the giant croc who was pictured eating a bull shark is a star

Brutus is one of the many saltwater crocodiles living in the Northern Territory, tourists are often 'overawed' by the giant creatures

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