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How to Crop your Subject's Body The Right Way #infographic

How to Crop your Subject's Body The Right Way - When our brains don't receive the visual information that we expect to see, it tends to creep us out. That's the effect that usually happens in photography and photo editing whenever a person's body is cropped at the joints. hat's not to say that you should never crop at the joint. In some situations, that might be an intentional choice that's better suited for the particulars of your photo.


70 creative GIMP tutorials< whatever that is, just thought it was photoshop. Need to learn how to!


I shouldn’t use the word dummy, aspect ratio is complicated, but when it finally clicks you’ll be like, “ohhhh, I get it now”! One of the big challenges of digital imaging is aspect ratio & cropping for print. Not only are there thousands of ways to take a photo, but all hardware is not created …


Photo Editing: How To Crop Photos For Maximum Impact

When you use the crop tool the right way, your photo will have an even more powerful effect on your viewers' emotions. Here are a few tips to help you crop.