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The 1733 slave insurrection on St. John in the Danish West Indies, (now St. John, United States Virgin Islands) started on November 23, 1733 when African slaves from Akwamu revolted against the owners and managers of the island’s plantations. The slave rebellion was one of the earliest and longest slave revolts in the Americas. The Akwamu slaves captured the fort in Coral Bay and took control of most of the island, intending to resume crop production under their own control and use other…

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Growing Backyard Figs

Growing your own figs is an easy way to start into home fruit production. Add these simple tips to an easy-to-grow crop and you're setup for success.


Healthy soils are the foundation of the food system. Our soils are the basis for agriculture and the medium in which nearly all food-producing plants grow. Healthy soils produce healthy crops that in turn nourish people and animals. Indeed, soil quality is directly linked to food quality and quantity.


How to choose your perfect layout for your garden, so that you can get your best harvest ever from the space that you have by using either traditional beds or raised ones and a well defined pathway system. A must for people setting up a new garden or replacing an existing one for maximum crop production.


Starting a lavender farm can be a great way to make money from agritourism, as well as from value-added products, like lavender oil.


"An Innovative Way For Heating Greenhouses Using Solar Energy During The Winter For Summer Crop Production" - “Wall of water” made of black PE water tubes. "...a simple, sustainable, nonpolluting, no emissions system for growing summer crops in winter by raising the temperature using only solar energy."


Stocking Density in Aquaponics - Stocking density is a major consideration for anyone starting out in aquaponics. As so many people have asked about the best density for crop production, Dr. Nate Storey has given us an introduction to stocking density and some great advice that applies to starting, maintaining and managing a healthy and productive aquaponics system.