cross hand tattoo - love! Love love love the placement!

Demi Lovato Cross Tattoo on Her Hand - Meaning of The Religious Tattoo

Demi Lovatos Cross Tattoo on her right hand shows her religious side. As a self-proclaimed devout Christian, Demi Lovato has a few religious tattoos on her

Slideshow - JWoWW gets an RIP tattoo in honor of her grandmother  #tattoos #jerseyshore #celebrities

15 Best Rip Tattoo Designs

Rip tattoos are generally made in memory of some loved one or some great celebrity who you held close to your heart. Here are 15 best rip tattoo designs to help give you an idea what it should look like.

Semicolon and Cross on Fingers - Cute Semicolon Tattoo Design Ideas,,

20+ Cute Semicolon Tattoo Design Ideas

I want two crosses on each side of my middle finger. Just like this cross. I want it so I can look at assholes and lift the middle finger and say " Fuck you I have god on my side! Street Hunter: 13 (New) Reasons To Obsess Over Catbird #Refinery29

Catbird Sale 2013 - NYC Jewelry Designers

Catbird's star-crossed hand bracelet inspired by crown in 'The Never Ending Story' & Juliet's sleeves in 'Romeo & Juliet'.

Not sure where I would put this but I would love it

Cross Tattoo Designs